Tinnoset Sag

Tinnoset Sag AS is a special sawmill for cutting
and planing of coarse quality timber from Telemark and Buskerud. Timber with 2-300 years of growth and the best quality on the market. With 30 years of experience, we are among the best in Norway when it comes to quality. All the timber we buy is environmentally certified. In addition to timber for loft, we supply a number of other special products.


Late-grown ore-rich quality timber from Telemark.
All the timber we buy is environmentally certified.

Available in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 “widths.
Lengths from 3.7 m to 10.5 m.

Lumber is cut with root and top, ie the timber follows the natural taper on the tree. We edge the timber on two or four sides. In addition, we deliver finished planed wall, with oval or straight profile.

Special products

Rough dimensions are normally in stock. The most common dimensions are 12 x 12 empty, 11 x 11 empty, 10 x 10 empty, 8 x 12 empty, 8 x 8 empty, but of course we deliver both larger and smaller dimensions and dimensions to special order.

Wilderness panel cut in 1 “thickness of coarse, hand-barked pine timber. Delivered as horizontal or vertical cladding. 7” underlay.

Long windsurfing table.
We have a good selection of long windsurfing tables. You do not have to splice, even if the lengths are 7 meters!

Unadjusted materials for cladding and construction.
If you buy dressing tables from us, all the tables on the wall get the right side out. We also have a good selection in long lengths.

Solid wood is delivered in large dimensions for solid wood elements.

Roof trusses

Roof trusses in round timber are produced from straight spruce. All lengths up to 12 meters. These are delivered machine barked or unbarked. If you want a straight edge on the hills, we arrange it on hills up to 10.5 meters long.

Boat materials

Boat materials for boat restoration.
We have several years of experience in boat materials, and deliver more and more.

Among other things, skin plank, frame timber, deck plank, dollboard etc. We cut both edge wood and bottled wood, depending on your wishes and needs. A lot of ore.

Rod cladding

Rod cladding usually in 21 and 28 mm thickness. Widths of 8 inch.

Twig-clean materials are delivered in most dimensions. Suitable for molding production and furniture production. We have a good selection of 3 and 4 sided twig pure materials.

Residual materials

We make sure to make full use of the timber. Residual materials are still of high quality and are popular for smaller constructions such as benches, noise walls, tiles, etc.